Word of Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Sabratha


Name: Rabei Alwan Yahya

Position: Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Sabratha
Academic qualification: PhD
Specialization: Pharmacology (chemotherapy drugs)
Phone number: 0923224347
Email: rabei.yahya@sabu.edu.ly


Dear visitors to the Faculty of Medicine, Sabratha University website, I greet you with love and respect and welcome.
  In order to achieve the integrated growth of the University of Sabratha and to meet the needs of the community and a commitment to support and develop scientific research and investment in human energies and the university’s belief in its role in serving the surrounding community, the University of Sabratha felt the necessity of playing its role in medical education, as the university established the faculty of Medicine since the academic year 2016/2017 and with a lofty message and an inspiring vision ambitious. We in this faulty are working hard to establish a lofty educational construction, a faculty member and a rising researcher who keeps pace with global development in medical education, capable of graduating competent doctors committed to professional ethics that enable them to pursue a successful and professional career path, capable of penetrating the labor market, local and regional competition, and supporting scientific and professional research. Adapting it to address the challenges facing human capital development and health challenges in society, in partnership with other institutions, keeping community service in mind, out of our belief in the university’s role in serving society and participating in sustainable development.
I and my colleague faculty members promise to create these important cadres so that they can follow their place and position in achieving the goals that we seek, which have become a requirement for practitioners of the human medicine profession, whether in the field of preserving human wealth, protecting it from diseases and pollutants, and developing it in a sustainable manner, or in developing diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.
At the end of my speech, I am pleased to congratulate my sons, the students of the faculty, on their belonging to this scientific edifice, and I extend my support to their hands and advise them to make science and knowledge their path and their path in life. I assure them that the Faculty of Human Medicine, Sabratha University, with its administration, its faculty members, and all the workers in its various departments, and behind them the university administration, are making an effort. Maximum effort is made to provide the appropriate educational atmosphere for college students in an effort to achieve the highest academic levels for its graduates.
                                        Dr. Rabie Alwan Yahya
                                                Dean of the Faculty of Medicine














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